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Rome Highlights Bike Tour

by Cannondale Quality E-Bike

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When you have visited the Eternal City, life doesn’t necessarily need to last longer. Why? You have seen it all! The countless mesmerizing things to see in Rome do not leave much more to be desired in ancient history, luscious Renaissance grandeur, and relaxing nature. A Rome city bike tour can never be complete without covering the most famous places in Rome, and this tour does it like no other.

Our skillful guides, passionate about cycling and our city, take you on a balanced itinerary of historically significant highlights and carefree wandering. Almost all the places to see in Rome are a ‘must-see in Rome’, and on a bicycle you are able to see so much in half a day. Join us for a Rome city bike tour to start your cultural dive in the heart of Italy!

In summer, the morning departure of the Rome City bike tour departs early in order to avoid the pedestrian crowds (as well as the heat).


  • Difficulty level: leisure

  • Duration: 4 hours

  • Route length: 14 km (9 mi)

  • Price: € 75,- per person

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What can you expect on this tour?

Watch the video below and find out!

Know before you go

Important information

  • The difficulty level of this tour is leisure (or intermediate with a child seat or child extension mounted on the bicycle).

  • Child policy: Infants aged 1-4 years traveling on a child seat (max 55 lbs / 25 kg) come on the tour free of charge. Children aged 5-8 years old join the tour on a child extension. Children aged 9 and above can ride their own E-Bike.

  • In the event of official/public celebrations and happenings in the city center of Rome, the tour operator may substitute one or more of the above-listed highlights.

  • A minimum of 4 participants applies (total number of participants per tour). If 24 hours prior to the tour's departure time the number of participants on that tour is lower than 4, TopBike Rental & Tours will contact the guest(s) to offer them alternative tours to participate in.

  • Cancellation policy: Customers can cancel free of charge up until 24 hours before the start of the service.

Pure attraction: must-see Rome Italy

The must-see places in Rome form the core of the tour, but beauty also often lies in the unexpected. Our 4-hour Rome city bike tour shows you the top sights in Rome, while letting you discover lesser-known spots like Villa Borghese or the Theatre of Marcellus. These are a few of the exquisite places to see in Rome, and we reveal plenty more in all our bike tours.

Italy is packed with gorgeous cities and landscapes to please your eyes, palate and cycling legs. Riding a bike in Italy’s capital is a total blast. Clearly, the Colosseum and Pantheon are a few of the many must-visit places in Rome, but top restaurants, intimate squares and Italian street fashion reveal a different side: through the uncovering of numerous concealed things to see in Rome, Italy can be seen from its finest and most genuine side.

It is here in the Eternal City that Ovidius wrote his classic Ars Amatoria, about the fine art of seduction, and through the ages the temptation of this metropole exceeded the mere connection with love. In this alluring city tour, Roma (a name that is possibly an anagram of Amor: love) seduces you in her web of amorous and platonic features. It will be ringing your bell when it comes to luscious parks, extraordinary churches and tempting food thrills. What to see in Rome is what you get!

Countless places to see in Rome Italy

To ensure the smoothest cycling experience, in every Rome city bike tour we dedicate special attention to quality of equipment and safety. That is why we choose a small-group size, which also allows for a more personal contact with your tour leader, who will happily answer all your questions and share insider’s tips.

A Rome highlights bike tour is a journey into time and beyond the glorious centro storico, Rome has even more to offer. Romantic gardens with ponds, statues and comforting shadow under the iconic pine trees; rustic restaurant terraces on delightful squares… These slightly alternative Rome sites, though less known, deserve to be included in the best places to visit in Rome. Your expert guide loves to take you there!

A fine selection of Rome places to visit

A Rome highlights bike tour is only satisfying when you have enough time to enjoy the impressive architectural wonders of the Imperial era as well as the richly decorated Baroque palaces. Pedaling gently on E-bikes alongside the historical sites is a charm in itself. At regular stops, all of which are stunning places of interest in Rome, our knowledgeable guides will bring Rome's history to life with their stories and anecdotes. We also foresee one longer stop on this tour for a coffee or refreshment.

There are so many places to go in Rome that it is challenging to make choices. Top Bike offers you, somewhat eclectically, the best things to see in Rome's city center, and simultaneously brings you another side of Italy’s capital, less known by the big crowds. That is why we choose to show you the little-known but impressive Theatre of Marcellus and the unforgettable view of the city from the Pincian hill on this bicycle tour - rather than the Vatican.

Get to all the places to visit in Rome Italy with Top Bike

A lot of thought goes into planning the perfect ride in the Eternal city. In showing you the top sites in Rome, we don’t want you to simply witness them – we want to give you the opportunity to experience them in the best possible conditions.

After joining us on a tour in the city Rome (the divine goddess) will make you want to come back countlessly. And for a complete experience - if you want to avoid missing any of the places to go to in Rome - check out our other tours as well! We warmly welcome you on our city tour Roma:


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