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TOP Bike Rental Rome

Why TopBike Rental & Tours:


• Being, as we are, driven by a deep passion for cycling, we want to offer our customers the bikes and the disinterested advice that we ourselves would like to receive when we happen to rent a bike elsewhere.

• Our high personal standard of service translates into uncompromising quality and a notable variety of rental models.

• Sharp attention to detail: our bikes are checked by a mechanic after each use and, except for road bikes, all come equipped with comfortable saddles and anti-puncture tires (reducing the risk of a flat tire by 90%).


What's more, our Rental service includes the following advantages:

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Helmet and ABUS U-Lock included

Wide range of frame sizes


Selection of quality accessories

Free Cancellation up to

24 h before service


To ensure availability of your preferred model and preferred size, we strongly recommend making a booking online

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TopBike Rental Roma

Biking in Rome Italy: there’s no better way to explore Rome and its marvelous surroundings than on two wheels! Renting a bike in the Eternal city will give you access to places you could never get to by car or public transport, while also allowing you to cover greater distances than you might on foot.
A good bicycle is all you need - and we’ve got plenty of them. Our name isn’t TopBike for nothing, after all: driven by our own passion for cycling, we like offering customers the same bikes we enjoy riding. Our service is the best bike rental Italy has to offer!
As for cycling locations, this city can really spoil you for choice: bike riding in Rome can be a truly magical experience, whether it’s exploring the city’s numerous beautiful parks, such as Villa Ada Savoia, Villa Pamphili, Villa Borghese or Caffarella, or venturing down the Appia Antica to the Aqueduct Park.
Outside of these cycling locations, it is no secret that Rome sports only a few bicycle lanes. But by following our advice and making use of our city center cycling map you’ll make sure to avoid the traffic and immerse yourself carefree in the enchanting open-air museum that is the Eternal City.
Our bicycles are either electric-assisted or lightweight (also including some carbon-frame models) and come with efficient brakes, hydraulic shock absorbers, comfortable saddles, puncture-proof tires, and smooth and sharp drivetrain systems. Your dream ride can now become a reality…

Rome Bike Rental - Cannondale Full-suspended Mountain Bike

Is bike riding in Rome safe?

Rome Bike Rental - Children cycling in Villa Borghese

The number of riders in Rome has been significantly increasing every passing year. Although Rome isn’t renowned for being a cyclist’s paradise, with a little bit of common sense and our helpful tips, exploring the Eternal City by bicycle is actually very safe and fun. Particularly if you choose one of our electric bikes. 

Lots of streets in the city center are off-limits for cars and are absolutely perfect for cycling. By following routes that are closed to traffic or are not packed with motor vehicles you’ll be able to access some of Rome’s most beautiful parks, including Villa Borghese, Villa Pamphili, Villa Ada or the Caffarella Valley. You can also get away from the noise of the city and take the Tiber riverside cycle path, or head out beyond the Roman walls and ride along the Appia Antica or the ancient Roman aqueducts. 


At TopBike you can rent all kinds of bikes, including safe and high-quality pedal-assisted electric bicycles. We provide you with everything you need to enjoy your ride as safely and comfortably as possible! Therefore, riding bikes in Rome Italy can be safe and fun too.

Rome City Bike Rental in via Labicana

But let’s take a closer look at the models we have on offer.
For starters, we don’t hire city bikes for use in the center of Rome. Why? The city center is notably full of cobbled streets. While cobblestones have great charm and are so much more beautiful than asphalt, they’re not particularly convenient when riding. Standard city bikes are of no help here as they usually have a rigid fork and a geometry which does little to relieve potential stress on your back.
What is more, Rome is famous for its seven (proverbial) hills! While they’re not really massive hills, some of the uphill routes can be challenging and are best tackled with a lightweight bike and a wide range of gears - or with a pedal-assisted electric bike.
Unlike City bikes, Trekking bikes have both a suspension fork and at least 24 gears. We offertop-notch, lightweight German trekking bikes from the well-known Winora brand. These models have hydraulic disc brakes, and their trekking geometry makes them a great choice for longer urban excursions or even cycling trips!
And if you are still apprehensive about Rome’s seven hills, you can always opt for an E bike! (more on electric bikes in the dedicated paragraph below).

TopBike Mountain Bikes

Rome Bike Rental - Cannondale Carbon Mountain Bike

We have five different mountain bikes on offer for adult renters, and three for children. So rest assured, you can entrust us with your Rome mountain biking family activity!
Our entry-level adult model is a hardtail cross-country mountain bike with an aluminum frame, 29” wheels, a RockShox fork and a 30-speed Shimano Deore drivetrain system.
This is a very versatile and comfortable bicycle that we often rent for city rides, short out-of-town trips, or cycling excursions. For this latter use, we can also easily mount one of our rear bike racks onto these models, in order to clip on our Ortlieb pannier bags.
If you love mountain biking, but you also love speed and agility, we suggest one of our hardtail carbon-frame Cannondale Scalpel HT Carbon 4. This super lightweight cross-country mountain bike has the right geometry for uphill routes but easily holds its own when riding downhill. It has 29” wheels and a RockShox fork, along with Shimano XT/Deore drivetrain system and disc brakes.
If instead you are more attracted by technical descents, we suggest renting one of our Cannondale Habit 3 bikes: this is a fully suspended trail bike (more properly termed an “all-mountain bike”) with generous fork travel and plus tires.
Going a level up, if you’re looking for the very best in hardtail cross-country riding, rent our Cannondale F-si Carbon 2 (it’s practically a lightning bolt!) or the legendary full-suspension Cannondale Scalpel Carbon 2, both with 29” wheels and top-notch components.
For children, our options include a Cannondale mountain bike with 20” wheels and Ghost mountain bikes with 24” wheels. And last - but definitely not least, Stevens Colorado bikes with 26” wheels for children aged 9 to 12, with state-of-the-art components.
In a word, with us, in Rome mountain biking of every kind is at your fingertips.

Electric Bike Rental Rome

Rome Bike Rental - Full-suspended E-Mountain Bike

For those who don’t train regularly, would rather take it easy, or perhaps want to try out some really demanding routes, we have various electric bikes to rent – whether for city biking, travelling or off-road.
In the first case we would suggest one of our Cannondale Adventure Neo 3.1 EQ Ebikes, equipped with a reliable Yamaha electric engine and battery and ‘laidback’ geometry.

We pride ourselves on being the best electric bike rental in Rome, so we couldn’t fail to offer pedal-assisted electric mountain bikes! We offer a hardtail cross-country version, the Stevens E-wave, with an electric engine and Bosch battery, 29” wheels and Shimano Deore hydraulic disc brakes and drivetrain system. Fitted with an extremely comfortable saddle, this is a very versatile bike, which is a joy even for city riding.
But if you want to go all-out, you could rent our pedal-assisted Ghost Enduro electric bike. This fully suspended E-Bike is a beast featuring a super-performing Bosch Performance CX electric engine and battery, a Rock Shox fork with 160 mm travel, 29” wheels, and a SRAM SX Eagle an gearbox!
Earlier we mentioned the many parks where riding bikes in Rome is an opportunity not to be missed... Villa Ada, Villa Pamphili, Caffarella, the monumental Villa Borghese, not to mention the Monte Mario and Pineto parks… and how could we forget the Aqueduct Park and the Appia Antica? They’re all very different but they do have one thing in common: they’re great fun to ride on a mountain bike. (Villa Borghese is a slight exception, to be honest, as it does have paved pathways). Discover each of these parks with the ease of electric assistance, aboard one of our E-Bike models!

Tandem Bike Rental Rome

Enjoy the traditional kind of Roma bike sharing– with a tandem! We are proud to be the only company renting tandem bicycles in Rome!
We have 3 different models on offer: a Cannondale tandem mountain bike, equipped with hydraulic disc brakes and solid components; a Cannondale tandem road bike, our flagship model (the first bike you see when you enter our shop!); and a number of tandem trekking bikes.

All of our tandems can be used for longer trips, as they’re easily fitted with pannier racks.


Road Bike Rental Rome

Rome Bike Rental - Cannondale Carbon road bike

To top it all off, we are also the only road bike rental in south-central Italy.
We offer an excellent aluminum frame model, equipped with Shimano Ultegra components, which weighs only 8.2 kg. It’s particularly appropriate for travelling on asphalt roads, as it can be fitted with a pannier rack.
More demanding cyclists can rent our carbon road bikes, equipped with Sram Force components. They weigh just 6.8 kg! Watch those speed limits now….
Obviously, we do rent our own clip pedals, but we suggest you bring your own; one of our mechanics will be on hand to fit them in no time.

Bicycles with child seats to rent in Rome

The Top Bike philosophy is to offer the very best and that motto extends to every piece of equipment – even child seats! This is why we use the best on the market: Hamax. We offer both front-mounted (up to 15 kg) and rear-mounted (up to 25 kg) child seats, which can be secured both to our mountain bikes (electric and regular) as well as our trekking bikes (electric and regular).

Bike Rental Italy

Every season hundreds of cyclists travel to the Italian peninsula attracted by the idea of bike riding in Italy. Some are hardened bikepacking enthusiasts who carry their personal bikes and biking gear along, others are occasional cycle holiday-makers who intend to rent bicycles in Italy after arrival. What is common to both is that they are all looking to explore the great cycling potential of this Mediterranean country over a multi-day (and often a multi-week) trip.
Have you ever thought about going bike riding in Italy yourself? With options ranging from medieval pilgrimage routes such as Via Francigena (the 500-km section between Lucca and Rome is breath-taking) to the epic Ciclovia del Sole (3000-km from the Italian Alps to Sicily), from mountain trails in the Apennines to incredible seaside routes along the Amalfi coast – if you are looking for longer-term bike rental Italy is the best place for a cycling trip.
And if you need to rent some quality, reliable bikes for your adventure, TopBike Rental & Tours is here to help your Italian dream ride come true!
Last but not least: a quick note on cycling routes in Rome. There aren’t many, as we’ve said, but we must spare a word of warning about using them. While the older cycle lanes like the Tiber riverside or the cycling route on the via Cristoforo Colombo are safe to use (as they’re separate from the main road), the Rome City Council has recently set up a new network of cycle lanes that are part of the main road!
As if that weren’t enough, these cycling routes are frequently subject to unmarked diversions when approaching bus stops or dumpsters, which leads the cycle path towards the center of a main road.
Obviously, these cycle lanes can be very dangerous so our advice is to avoid using them!

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