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Rome Bike Tours
with quality Cannondale E-Bikes

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We are perfectionists by nature, and we've been working on the perfect Rome bike tours for 17 years. Today, our tours are the absolute best in their class - and actually even better: the best of any Outdoor Activity in Rome, according to Tripadvisor. 

What got us here? 

  • Tireless study and tour design, for the most fluid, complete and surprising experience of Rome

  • Unmatched attention to safety

  • Top-quality bikes from the world-renowned Cannondale, impeccably maintained

  • A host of thoroughly prepared and charismatic guides, wildly enthusiastic about the "Eternal City" and its history  

  • A Premium Customer service

Join us on one of our Rome bicycle tours and enrich your memories of our city for years to come!

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Our Electric Bike Tours in Rome

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Inspired by a genuine love for cycling and a true passion for this incredible city, for over 17 years Top bike has been offering unique ways to experience Rome's cultural, historical and natural riches. In all these years, our formula for the perfect Rome bike tour hasn't budged: a fascination to share, top-notch bicycle equipment, uncompromising safety-conscious guide training and a never-ending itinerary research.

Guide leading guests in an E-Bike Tour of Rome

When you are searching for the best bike tours Rome has to offer, Top bike has a wide variety of options available throughout the year. For those who want to fully experience the heart of the city, we designed three great E bike tours in Rome.
If you have half a day to spend, our 4-hour City Center Highlights bicycle tour of Rome can be the ideal introduction to many must-see sites in the historic center. From the Colosseum to the Pantheon and Piazza Navona, this rather short E bike tour of Rome will be a concatenation of jaw dropping moments.

To make the most out of these relatively brief Rome bicycle tours, we recommend you to join us just after arriving in the city. Not only will the ride help you map out this central area of the city, but through our guide's explanations, you will also benefit from a general historical framework which could be useful for any further discoveries you will make in the upcoming days of your stay.

Full Day Electric Bike Tour Rome Italy 

Cyclists admiring the panoramic view of Rome from the Villa Borghese Pincio terrace

If you can't wait to indulge in a full city experience and you are searching for a Rome cycling tour that covers all the highlights, including the Saint Peter Basilica and Castel Sant'Angelo, we present to you the 7-hour Rome in a Day tour. Don't worry about the pace and length: just like all of our cycling experiences, this is an electric bike tour of Rome.
Our city is rather hilly, so you will appreciate pedalling on two wheels with an electric motor - especially in the summer months! Moreover, this activity includes a lunch in an Italian trattoria, which makes this Rome cycling tour quite the typical Italian experience.

A different yet extraordinary Rome electric bike tour

A bike tour group crosses the ancient cobbles of the Appian Way

If you're after a splendid E bike tour in Rome-Italy, we have even more to offer besides the formidable historic center. Are you ready for a Rome electric bike tour away from the vibrant city, plunging in nature and surrounding yourself with incredible historic structures?
If your heart starts beating a little faster as you read this, our Ancient Appian Way, Catacombs and Park of the Aqueducts tour is the perfect solution for you: a ride that has been rated by our guests as one of the best bike tours Rome can offer. Gear-up and pedal on our tough tires on one of the most important Roman roads, towards the stunning Ancient Aqueducts.
The 6-hour version of this electric bike tour in Rome includes a visit of the famous catacombs of St. Callixtus or St. Sebastian.
In this 27-km (17-mile) bike ride we explore the history- and landscape-rich countryside of Rome, riding predominantly on off-road surfaces including unpaved roads and dirt paths. For this reason we rate the ride as intermediate in difficulty, but rest assured: this E bike tour of Rome is perfectly doable for anyone who can confidently ride a bicycle! As on all our Rome bike tours, here too we chose all the safest and easiest route options available (including bicycle lanes where possible). And if the length of the ride troubles you, fear not: an Electric-assist bicycle is included by default!

Panoramically photogenic: possibly one of the best bike tours in Rome-Italy

Bike Tour participants at a photo op in the Garden of Oranges

We tailored our Panoramic Tour especially for travelers who adore scenic views. On all of our E bike tours of Rome the camera could potentially shoot overtime, but this excursion tops all others in the photographic opportunities it offers. If you like to see the city at large and gaze at the hills, iconic structures and domes from a higher ground, this may be the best bicycle tour Rome has to offer. Discover how photogenic the "Eternal City" can be from a birds-eye perspective.
Spin with one of our skillful guides up to the roof of the city (Janiculum hill), to find out that this is one of those bike tours Rome looks different through, but spectacular for sure! After the pleasant downhill ride you can rest your wheels on the kickstand to marvel at the vast Saint Peter Square.


Why cycling in Italy? (and two alternative bicycle experiences)

One of the reasons travelers choose La Bella Italia is the abundance of beautiful seas, cities and scenic countryside. An electric bike tour in Rome Italy is a great opportunity to discover the remarkable fusion of history, nature and modern-day life. A Rome bicycle tour will boost your imagination and make history come alive through the explanations of our guides.
For our guests with different scenic wishes, we suggest two special day tours outside of Rome.
For those who have experienced the capital several times already, we developed the Appia Antica and Castel Gandolfo with Lunch - an outstanding ride to Castel Gandolfo (the Summer residence of the Pope) and Lake Albano (a small but deep lake of volcanic origin). On this trip, we ride on the green banks of the lake and enjoy a voluptuous Italian lunch there, before pedaling back the complete surviving stretch of the Ancient Appian Way, slightly downhill.
The second option, Alviano, Bagnoregio and Orvieto with Wine Tasting is a picturesque countryside ride towards two famous medieval hilltop towns: Civita di Bagnoregio and Orvieto. You will be impressed!

Participant in the Orvieto tour heading for the Civita di Bagnoregio town

Please contact us for detailed information about one of these day trips.

How safe are you on a Rome E bike tour with us?

A Rome bicycle tour with us is as safe as it gets! While the city slowly improves its cycling infrastructure, we have designed carefully planned routes combining traffic-free sections with stretches of limited traffic. Above all, our expert, safety-conscious local guides are determined to put you at ease, because safety is our top priority. Each and every Rome Bike Tour includes a safety helmet for everyone and a bottle of water to make sure you stay hydrated throughout the ride.
The Italian capital is full of hidden gems. However, reaching them across smooth cycling surface isn't always simple or even possible. This is why quality equipment from world-renowned brand Cannondale, solid bike components and thorough and regular bicycle maintenance can make or break a cycling experience in the Eternal city. Our Top Bike mechanics know this best: all our bikes are checked after every single use in order to have components perfectly tweaked or, if necessary, replaced.
Riding with children is also a familiar sight, so we are prepared: we have a wide variety of child-seats, tag-alongs and children's bicycles available. Cycling in Rome is a priceless experience for children too!

How hard is the ride? Find out on an electric bike tour: Rome will be defeated

Our Rome bicycle tours are marked as of either easy or intermediate level, depending on whether they run prevalently on a smooth surface or predominantly off-road. The smoothness of the ride is enhanced by the fact that we pedal with an electric bike. Rome is rather hilly, but don't let that put you off: it never has been easier to conquer it than on an E-Bike!

What do you see on our Rome bike tours?

Every single Top bike tour has its specific set of highlights which you can check on the specific tour's page. All our Rome bike tours put together, we cover the following sites:

  • Colosseum

  • Imperial Forums

  • Piazza Venezia and Vittoriano monument

  • Trevi Fountain

  • Panoramic view of the Roman Forum

  • Jewish Getto and Porticus of Octavia

  • Vatican and Square of St. Peter's Basilica

  • Circus Maximus and view of the Palatine

  • Villa Borghese and Pincian Hilltop View

  • Aventine Hill and Orange Garden

  • Castel Sant'Angelo

  • Janiculum Hill

  • Spanish Steps

  • Pantheon

  • Piazza Navona

  • Trastevere

  • Theater of Marcellus

  • Aurelian Walls

  • Ancient Appian Way Park

  • Mausoleum of Caecilia Metella

  • Circus of Maxentius

  • Catacombs of St. Callixtus and St. Sebastian

  • Baths of Caracalla

  • Park of the Aqueducts

  • Caffarella Valley 

To(p) bike or not to(p) bike, that is not the question

To state that Top bike has the best bike tours in Rome, would be impartial. Nevertheless, every Rome bike tour we offer, in or outside the city walls, is ranked at the top of outdoor activities across various public review platforms. And, to be frank, we named our company 'Top' for a reason: to keep us focused every day that our top-service is our quintessential characteristic, and that is what all our guests can expect on a Rome bicycle tour with us.
We would be delighted to make you feel welcome in the Eternal City and will do everything in our power to make your Rome by bike experience memorable. On a Rome electric bike tour, Italy awaits to reveal itself to you in its best light!
For information specific to your tour of interest, please check the relevant tour page.

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