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Based in the historic center of Rome, TopBike Rental & Tours is a tour operator primarily specialized in organizing guided bike tours in and around Rome; secondarily, it also runs a quality bike rental activity. The founding vision of offering a world-class quality of service, its years of experience and the untiring attention for detail have all allowed our company to grow into the position of market leader in its own sector: today, TopBike Rental & Tours is the first-ranking among more than 320 of Rome's outdoor tour operators on Tripadvisor. We operate our guided bike tours every day of the year, in 6 different languages. Every year we directly serve more than 20 000 bike tour and 5 000 bike rental customers, while working with an international staff of 15 and a pool of 30 exclusive guides - as well as operating an inventory of more than 500 top-quality bicycles.
In addition to the present activities, at the moment we are working on expanding our commercial base through business partnerships with other top-quality services in Europe (and beyond).
In anticipation of these foreseeable business developments, and of the upcoming season, we are currently hiring 3 university graduates (preferably with at least 1-2 years of work experience) for the role of Junior Shop Manager (full time position).

Job description
The role of Junior Shop Manager essentially combines the areas of (1) first-hand customer service and (2) daily coordination of all aspects of scheduled activities (tours and rentals). In addressing these responsibilities, the Junior Shop Manager closely adheres to established company procedures and policies (as provided in the course of an initial training, as well as subsequent updates of these policies) and consults with the Senior Shop Manager in situations which may warrant exceptions to the same. The execution of the role involves a thorough, capillary knowledge of the company's staple services; for this reason, in the first year of the contract, the successful candidates will divide their weekly work hours between front desk/office work and leading bike tours.
TopBike Rental & Tours aims to make a longer-term investment in the hired candidates. For this reason, the successful Junior Shop Managers, at the attainment of complete proficiency in the established procedures and familiarity with the company culture, will be considered for the position of Senior Shop Manager.).

Duties and Responsibilities
After an appropriate training, the successful candidates will:
  • adequately and timely address customer and partner inquiries via email, by phone and in person;
  • perform customer check-in operations, handle client payments and adequately inform clients about the details of the service (conditions, responsibilities etc.);
  • ensure the timely and smooth departure of tours, as well as arrange quick and effective problem-solving in case of unforeseen issues;
  • handle all day-to-day operational matters (managing equipment, accessories and guide availability, communicating with suppliers etc.);
  • ensure the highest possible customer satisfaction at all times;
  • be actively involved in guiding bike tours in the first year of work.
Qualifications required
In their abilities and aptitudes, our ideal candidate profile has to match, if not exceed, the high standards we adopt in every relevant area of this position. He or she should have the following main qualities:
  • be an intelligent and alert person;
  • be reliable, punctual and generally highly responsible;
  • be a just, transparent and intellectually honest individual;
  • be able to work efficiently and effectively;
  • have the ability to work with conscientiousness and near-absolute precision;
  • have a keen eye for detail; be pro-active in all aspects that can concern the company's state and growth;
  • have an acute sensibility for customer satisfaction and an aptitude for public relations;
  • have an impeccable fluency in English, and at least working knowledge of Italian. Additional linguistic abilities are a valued plus;
  • be flexible regarding working days and working hours;
  • be available, in the first year of the contract, to combine front desk / office work with work as a bike tour guide.
In view of our preference for longer-term commitments involving in-company growth, our preferred candidates will be motivated and ambitious to take on higher responsibility tasks and roles as their experience grows.

To apply:
Please email us with a detailed CV accompanied by a letter of presentation at info@topbikerental.com
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