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2024 Rome Guide Book

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"Top Bike Rental & Tours is professionally run by Roman bike enthusiasts who want to show off their city..."

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Rome Bike Tours and Bike Rental Rome


Quality. Service. Safety. These three pillars are the essence of TopBike’s philosophy. Without hesitation and backed by thousands of excellent reviews on all popular feedback platforms, we can proudly say that TopBike is the bicycle company in Rome that provides the highest-standard service.
And that is precisely what you can expect.

Cyclist enjoying a bike ride in Via dei Fori Imperiali

Top Bike Rental Rome

To ensure you make the most out of your Roma bike ride, Top Bike Rental & Tours (located in the heart of the city center, near the Colosseum) provides you with:

  • A vast assortment of light, safe, high quality bicycles for rent - including also E-bikes, road bikes and tandems.

  • The experience to take you – on one of our Rome bike tours – to the city’s most famous and spectacular places as well as the most unusual and secret ones. Our tours are very carefully prepared in order to avoid traffic: 70% of the routes are closed to motor vehicles or with limited traffic.

  • Off-beat daytrips to extraordinary regions and towns nearby the Eternal City: Roman countryside bike tours.

  • A phone-mount which you can use to attach your smartphone to the handlebars. This allows you to conveniently navigate across every part of the city.

  • Help and assistance from specialized staff and the possibility to upgrade and personalize the bike with a wide choice of accessories.

  • The only Rome bike rental center with road bikes: about 25 excellent bikes in alloy and carbon.

  • The only tandem rental place in Rome: an excellent road bike tandem, mountain bike tandems and trekking bike tandems.

  • Several electric bike tours in Rome and in the Roman countryside and 4 different E-bike models for rent:

  1.  electric-assist city bike

  2.  electric-assist full suspended MTB

  3.  electric-assist child bike

  4. electric-assist hard tail MTB

Top 3 reasons to choose TopBike Rental & Tours

Why book our tours and rentals?

Top Quality Bike Material.
Impeccably maintained.


Our bike fleet counts over 300 top-brand bikes of more than 20 bike models,
always in perfect condition. 

An (exquisite) Eye 
for Detail.

From itinerary research to guide recruitment, and from the comfort of

our bikes to the uniqueness of your experience. 

Customer Service.

We are naturally customer-minded.

17 years of work and a quarter of a million clients have only made us more so.


Why should you go bike riding in Rome? 



It is easy and great fun to ride a bike in Rome! The number of bicycles you see in the city increases every year, and it seems that the use of bikes is beginning to grow as a valid alternative to cars. Join one of our guided bike tours in Rome (by Cannondale E-bike) or rent a quality bike and make the most out of your stay.
Bicycles can, in fact, enter pedestrian and limited traffic areas, which constitute 50% of Rome’s city center. You can avoid the traffic and discover a whole variety of alternative streets, alleys and squares that reveal the typical Roman atmosphere at its best, as well as explore the extraordinary historical-archaeological urban area. TopBike Rome takes your there! The city center area is too big to be visited by foot (and most of it is inaccessible to motorized vehicles); we provide both Rome bicycle tours in the inner and outer city, as well as Rome bike Rental for those who like to go exploring by themselves.
Bicycle technology has evolved, thus allowing cyclists to enjoy any kind of landscape aboard the most appropriate bike models (electric bikes, trekking bikes, mountain bikes, tandems, road bikes, folding bikes, etc.). Another reason why we can say that today bicycles are the ideal means of transport in Rome!

Top Bike Rental Italy

Year after year heaps of cyclists travel to the Eternal City to start a journey of extensive bicycle riding in Italy’s most beautiful areas. People with all kinds of bike touring preferences are contacting us for a Rome bike rent, but roughly we encounter two categories of bike-travelers: the occasional cycle holiday-makers who look to rent bicycles in Italy just after arrival, and the bike-packing veterans who travel with their own bikes and full equipment (and who are just looking for practical advice on their route). What unites them all is the desire to discover the great cycling treasures of this Mediterranean country over a multi-day or a multi-week journey by ‘steel horse’.
The selection of models from our bike Rental Roma depot is quite varied and versatile. Have you yourself ever considered embarking on an adventure of bike riding in Italy? With possibilities spanning from the breath-taking 160-km/96-mile circuit of Lake Como at the foot of the Italian Alps to the monumental Ciclovia del Sole (connecting Italy’s far north in Trentino Alto Adige to its deep south in Sicily), and from astonishing mountain bike trails in the Gran Sasso massif in the Abruzzo region to great coastal routes around the island of Sardinia: if you are planning a longer bike rental, Italy is definitely one of the world’s gems for a biking voyage!

A rented Mountain Bike on a bucholic pasture with a herd of sheep

Either way you go, Top Bike Rental is here to help you realize your dream-ride in Italy: the bike hire Rome venue that sets and raises the bar. For over fourteen years we have been operating with a never-ending drive to improve each year. Try one of our high quality mountain bikes, hybrid bikes, E-bikes, tandems or road bikes to find out. We make Rome bicycle rental easy, professional and personal for you, in order to guarantee the best imaginable start of your adventure.

Bike Rental Rome: ancient perfection in mint condition


Anyone who has ever seen in person (or even only read about) the Colosseum, the Circus Maximus, the Roman Forum, the Pantheon, and so forth, very well knows that these ancient structures are the icons of history. By many they are reputed sublime creations which touch on perfection. For bicycle-lovers like us, there is something not dissimilar in the architectural perfection of these edifices and the mechanical beauty of bikes. You are bound to agree with us, in all likelihood, when you walk in our large bike rental Rome, Italy - based depot: for anyone with a mutual passion this could truly be a wheels-heaven. Bicycle rental Rome on a whole other level! Going down to our extensive garage you will find new carbon mountain bikes with splendid suspension, sturdy E-mountain bikes that take you across every surface, and striking fast road bikes. From tall to short, professional or starter, for almost everyone we have a fitting model available. Rent a bike in Rome with us!

Bike Rental Rome: The evolution to a greener Eternal city

For a while now, the Caput Mundi is trying to innovate towards a greener city planning. It is an enormous challenge with the complex network of roads that sometimes date back hundreds (and even thousands!) of years and the many ‘untouchables’ of historical architecture. In the past years we have been recording a steady increase of bicycles in the city, a tendency which has spiked in 2020 as a consequence to the pandemic outbreak. With this a Roma bike rent became the order of the day, also because of the shortage of new bicycles to buy on the global market. Our Rome bike rental models have always been popular though, and we are silently hoping to launch a green revolution some day. Truth be said, the municipality is still a long way from realizing the dream of a green Rome - but something is rolling, and you can see it in the new bike lanes being constructed all around ‘Roma’. Rent a bike and see for yourself!

Our Top Rome Bike Tours

The large number of visitors we welcome every year comes about from something far greater than pure coincidence, as many of them come back for a Rome bike tour at least for a second time. There is simply no city like ours, that’s a sure thing. You need time to unravel its mysteries and to fully grasp the otherworldly backdrop. A Rome bicycle tour is clearly the finest start of this (everlasting) exploration. The pace of every bike tour in Rome is always carefully adjusted according to the group. In addition, our guides show you not only the main highlights along the route, but also their favorite bits and corners. Exactly this feature is quintessential for each and every Rome bike tour: the small group size brings about a personalized feeling. You move from highlight to highlight on carefully designed itineraries, as your admiration for the city grows - perhaps to unexpected proportions.

How about one of our Rome Bike Tours?

Together with the mesmerizing colors of its architecture, softly illuminated by a golden twilight at the end of a sunny day, you soon understand why people all over the world keep coming back. Join us for a bike tour in Rome, Italy, and discover the spark that will inspire you…

A family of seven enjoying a Rome Bike Rental in the vicinity of Emperor Constantine's Triumphal Arch

Our Rome Bike Tours (inside or close to the city)

The new bike lanes we mentioned could transform the experience of anyone who would like to go for a Rome bicycle rental. From the start of our existence however, bike-enthusiasts from all over the world have by and large preferred to discover the city on our main service: tours! Our company - with both our bike rent Rome and Roma bike tours – grew into the Tripadvisor number 1 position of outdoor activities to do within and outside the city. That achievement most surely emerges from the determination to offer the best bike tours in Rome. For every single bicycle tour (Rome is the city par excellence in which to design various routes to fully comprehend its richness) that we provide, profound research ensures the safest roads and most pleasurable experience. Because of evolving traffic infrastructure and regulations, this process is continuous - and through this our in-depth knowledge of the routes reigns supreme.
The new bike lanes and sustainable mobility concessions can also influence our future bike tours positively: we will be able to provide even more car-free itineraries, at least regarding the inner-city. But even then, you will often find us taking back alleys and secret shortcuts, because when you choose to go with us on a bike tour, Rome will be shown from a different angle, with charming little squares and panoramic views that are all part of the ride.

Friends exploring Trastevere with our bike rental service in Rome

Consequently, Top Bike tours Rome offers more than the average city trips. During our highlight-tours (‘City Tour Roma’ and ‘Rome in One Day’), our guides take you to unexpected corners and let you see another side of the Eternal City. For those who like scenic sights and distant gazing, we provide the ‘Panoramic’ tour, to experience the city from hilltops and wide squares. A bike tour of Rome can be so much more than you expect!
At the same time, our Rome bicycle tours reach beyond the usual and we won’t just ride within the city’s boundaries. Our Ancient Appian Way, Catacombs and Roman Aqueducts Tour is still a Rome bike tour because we move around the outskirts of the city: the Via Appia Antica – the renowned and exceptional 2300-year old road – is combined with other major outer city highlights as the Catacombs and the spectacular Ancient Aqueduct park.

Our bicycle tours outside of Rome

The main setting of at least two of our bicycle journeys, besides the Appian Way tour, is the rich Italian countryside. Hence, for the most adventurous, off-the-beaten-path ride, we offer the following two alternatives:

  • ‘Appia Antica and Castel Gandolfo Tour.’ The journey starts with two vast green stretches full of ancient splendor. Then you will cycle the entire Via Appia Antica down from the spectacular Castel Gandolfo (a hilltop town that hosts the summer residence of the Pope), with its deep volcanic lake – around which we ride, but not before you enjoy a voluptuous lunch on the waterfront, at a traditional Italian restaurant. If this (alternative) Rome bicycle tour still is not unconventional enough for you, let’s explore the final spin;

  • ‘Alviano, Bagnoregio and Orvieto Tour.’ On this bike tour Rome, Italy is really showing some of her pearls. Together with your guide you will be discovering changing countryside and two highlights, both literally as figuratively! Why? After a ride through nature you will move uphill towards an astonishing town sitting atop a rock: Civita di Bagnoregio, only accessible via a long pedestrian bridge. After some exploring and a light lunch in the area, you start with another green stretch and end up at the foot of an even bigger rock-hill: the ‘foundations’ of the awe-inspiring Orvieto. After a traditional dinner, all satisfied, the nearby train will bring you back home again.

Our guide explaining the construction of the ancient Aqueduct to a group of bike tour participants

Different yet complete Rome Bike Tours: Italy’s beating heart shows you the good life…

Essentially, for anybody who dreams about a historical trip on a bike, Rome’s roads will lead to us. When you are searching for a Bike Tour Rome, we offer you the appropriate ride accompanied by one of our skillful guides who will introduce you to the city’s treasures. Also for rentals, please feel free to contact us to instantly understand the rewarding words by TopBike Rome’s old guests. Enjoy a safe and sound trip!
You didn’t quite find what you were looking for?
We also offer private bike tours to cater for your specific needs and wishes. We will happily adjust the timing to fit in with your travel schedule and of course you will have one of our expert guides at your exclusive disposal. Top Bike Rome has got you covered!

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