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Ancient Appian Way Bike Tour in Rome, Catacombs Tour and Aqueducts Park

by Cannondale Quality E-Bike

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Pedal on the Ancient Appian Way bike tour, a 2300-year-old cobblestone Roman road while going past ancient Roman ruins, statues, an imperial palace, Christian catacombs and pagan mausoleums. Then leave the "Regina Viarum" to cycle towards the Roman aqueducts rising over the fields on the horizon and follow them on their way back to the center of Rome.

Leave the bustling city center of Rome behind and enjoy a bike ride through the Roman countryside, which inspired 19th-century travellers such as Byron, Goethe and Stendhal. On this extraordinary bicycle tour of absolute beauty we take you on a journey through a unique landscape where nature, farmlands and ancient history meet. This tour goes 60% off road, along dirt tracks and small paths.

Please note that approximately 40% of the Appian Way bike tour in Rome, takes place in the city. We ride carefully chosen city streets, but some traffic is unavoidable to connect the Ancient Appian Way Park to the Aqueducts Park. In the remaining 60% of the route (riding in the parks) we encounter no traffic.


  • Difficulty level: Intermediate (60% off-road)

  • Duration: 6 hours

  • Route length: 27 km (17 mi)

  • Price: € 99,- per person

This 6-hour tour is also offered in a 4-hour version. The 4-hour version follows the same route; however it does not include a guided visit of the Catacombs. Go to the 4-hour Ancient Appian Way and Park of the Aqueducts Tour.

The morning departure of this tour includes a stop to purchase food and to consume it (expense not included in the price).

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What can you expect on this tour?

Watch the video below and find out!

Know before you go

Important information

  • Please note that  60% of the route of this tour takes place off-road. For this reason, we rate the difficulty level of this tour as "Intermediate". The difficulty level becomes "Difficult" for participants who ride with a child seat or child extension attached to their bike.

  • For the remaining 40% of this tour, the route runs through the city. The tour follows carefully chosen streets, but some traffic is unavoidable to connect the Appian Way to the Aqueducts Park. In the off-road part of the route (riding in parks), there is no traffic.

  • Child policy: Infants aged 1-4 years traveling on a child seat (max 55 lbs / 25 kg) come on the tour free of charge. Children aged 5-8 years old join the tour on a child extension. Children aged 9 and above can ride their own E-Bike.

  • On Wednesdays the tours can last 30 minutes longer than the usual (6.5 hours) due to an obligated deviation.

  • This tour doesn't include any food/drinks; however, it is possible to purchase some on the way.

  • A minimum of 4 participants applies (total number of participants per tour). If 24 hours prior to the tour's departure time the number of participants on that tour is lower than 4, TopBike Rental & Tours will contact the guest(s) to offer them alternative tours to participate in.

  • Cancellation policy: Customers can cancel free of charge up until 24 hours before the start of the service. 

Discover the Ancient Appian Way bike tour in Rome

We offer two versions of our Appian Way Bike Tour: a 6-hour version and a 4-hour version. The two itineraries are almost identical, and so is the distance traveled, which is a total of approximately 27km (17 miles). However, the  longer tour also includes a guided visit to the catacombs of San Callisto (San Sebastian on Wednesdays).

Our small group size will allow you to have a personal contact with your expert tour guide, who will bring this unique part of Rome to life with their passion and great knowledge of Roman history. To ensure maximum comfort and safety, we offer you a quality E-Mountain bike from world-renowned brand Cannondale with a comfortable saddle.

Experience the authentic Roman countryside

Many people skip this beautiful, surprising part during their days in Rome and we think that is a real shame!

Nicknamed the “queen of roads”, the Appia Antica simply breathes ancient Roman history. While joining the Ancient Appian Way bike tour in Rome, you will encounter ancient monuments, catacombs and even flocks of sheep if you’re in luck!

You will leave the city center through the majestic Saint Sebastian gate in the ancient Aurelian Walls, where the Appia Antica officially starts. You will then make your way to the catacombs, the huge underground cemeteries consisting of endless labyrinths where Christians chose to be buried. If you opt for the 6-hour Appian Way bike tour, you will also have a guided visit to the catacombs with a specialist guide.

Back in ancient times, the Appia Antica was lined with monuments to honor the dead. Along the way, you will see the ruins of tombs, mausoleums and statues. You will even cycle along stretches of the ancient Appian Way that are still paved with the original 2300-year-old basalt stones! Our expert guide will point out all the details to you so you can fully appreciate the fascinating history of one of the most famous roads in the world. And of course there will be plenty of time for pictures!

From the Appian Way, your tour guide will safely lead the way to the Park of the Aqueducts. As one of Rome’s must underexplored outdoor spaces, the park offers unforgettable views of the famous ancient aqueducts. Riding along the small paths, you will see the ruins of seven aqueducts, including the majestic Aqua Claudia and the Aqua Felice (the latter is still functioning today!).

Through the suburbs, you will then enter the Caffarella Park, a valley shrouded in mystery since ancient times. These days, the park is especially popular with locals and is home to an active sheep farm.

Back in the city, in the 6-hour version of the tour, you will make a last stop at the Baths of Caracalla, one of the most glorious destinations of the aqueducts in the center of Rome.

We highly recommend this tour if you want to get away from the crowds and experience the authentic Roman countryside, combining rich history and beautiful nature. Our enthusiastic tour guides will bring this part of ancient Rome to life for you, during several stops along the way. Among Roman ruins and meadows, you can really start to imagine what this part of Rome looked like over 2000 years ago!

Our popular Bike Tours

Are you ready to join us on a guided bicycle tour but are you not quite sure the Ancient Appian Way, Catacombs and Aqueducts Park Tour is the right tour for you? You might also be interested in one of the following Roman countryside bike tours we have to offer:

  • Our full day tour of Appia Antica and Castel Gandolfo combines the Appian Way and Aqueducts Park with breathtaking views of the Castel Gandolfo lake and surroundings. This tour includes a short train journey to Castel Gandolfo and a lunch with view over the lake.

  • The full day tour of Orvieto and Civita di Bagnoregio with Wine tasting takes you all the way to the North of Lazio and the Southern tip of Umbria! Civita di Bagnoregio is simply one of the most beautiful medieval villages in Italy, while Orvieto is famous for its impressive cathedral and overall mysterious charm.

Did you not quite find what you were looking for? We also offer private bike tours to cater for your specific needs and wishes. We will happily tweak the itinerary according to your wishes, adjust the timing to fit in with your travel schedule and of course you will have one of our expert guides at your exclusive disposal. .

Finally, in case you prefer to explore Rome by bike by yourself, we also offer an extensive, high-quality bike rental service.

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