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Rome in the heart of Italy: a city to be discovered by bike; rent one!
You might not know it, but it is easy and great fun to ride a bike in Rome! The number of bicycles you see in the city increases every year, and it seems that the use of bikes is beginning to grow as a valid alternative to cars.
Join one of our guided bike tours in Rome (or E-bike tours!) or rent a quality bike and make the most out of your stay.
Bicycles can, in fact, enter pedestrian areas and limited traffic areas, which constitute 50% of Rome’s center.
By bike, you can avoid the traffic of Rome AND discover a whole variety of alternative roads, alleys and squares that represent the typical Roman atmosphere at their best and explore the extraordinary historical-archaeological urban area.
This area is too big to be visited by foot, and most of it is inaccessible to motor vehicles.
Bicycle technology has evolved, thus allowing cyclists to enjoy any kind of landscape with the most appropriate models (electric bikes, trekking bikes, mountain bikes, tandems, road bikes, folding bikes, etc.).
That's why today we can undoubtedly say that: Bicycles are the ideal means of transport in Rome!
To make sure you make the most out of your bike ride, Top Bike Rental & Tours, located in the heart of Rome near the Colosseum, provides you with:
  • A vast assortment of light, safe high quality bicycles for rent, including also electric bikes, fat bikes, road bikes and folding bikes.
  • The experience to take you, with our Rome bike tours, to Rome's most famous and spectacular places as well as the most unusual and secret ones. Our tours are very carefully prepared in order to avoid traffic: 70% of the routes are therefore closed to traffic or with limited traffic.
  • A Rome cycling map + map holder, with which you can enjoy travelling through the quietest streets of the city. The map is produced by 'Top Bike Rental and Tours' and provided to our customers: every street of the center is coloured according to its own cycling level.
  • Help and assistance from specialized staff and the possibility to upgrade and personalize the bike with a wide choice of accessories.
  • The only road bike rental place in Rome: about 25 excellent road bikes in alloy and carbon.
  • The only tandem rental place in Rome: excellent road bike tandem, mountain bike tandems and trekking bike tandem.
  • Several electric bike tours in Rome and in the Roman countryside and 3 different E-bike models for rental:
    • electric-assist mountain bike
    • electric assist city bike
    • electric-assist fat bike
    • electric-assist child bike
Taking part in one of our guided tours means exploring Rome riding a top quality bike with an expert guide...
Lazio is not just Rome! Thanks to the train + bike option, with us you'll discover some of the other wondrous sites...
TopBike Rental & Tours gives you the choice of a high quality mountain bike, trekking bike, speed bike or road bike..
Bike Rental Italy
Year after year we hear from many dozens of cyclists who are planning to travel to Rome to start a journey of extensive bike riding in Italy: from the occasional cycle holiday-makers who are looking to rent bicycles in Italy after arrival, to the bikepacking veterans who travel with their own bikes and full equipment - and are just looking for a practical advice on their route. What unites them all is the desire to discover the great cycling treasures of this Mediterranean country over a multi-day or a multi-week journey by bike.
Have you yourself ever considered embarking on an adventure of bike riding in Italy? With possibilities spanning from the breath-taking 160-km circuit of Lake Como at the foot of the Italian Alps to the monumental Ciclovia del Sole (connecting Italy’s far north in Trentino Alto Adige to its deep south in Sicily), and from astonishing mountain bike trails in the Gran Sasso massif in the Abruzzo region to great coastal routes around the island of Sardinia - if you are planning a longer bike rental Italy is definitely one of the world’s gems for a biking voyage.
Either way you go, TopBike Rental & Tours is here to help you realize your dream ride in Italy! Hire one of our high quality mountain bikes, hybrid bikes, E-bikes, tandems or road bikes; and you are ready to go.
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